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Online and in-person workshops that inspire kids and support schools, organisations and clubs. 

Girls Building Robot

Breage School Teaching Team, Cornwall

"I loved the real world problem-solving for our classroom. Seeing the process and living the process of solution based engineering.

Mentor Workshops

These workshops are all about empowering girls to be leaders in technology, engineering and creative digital within their schools. Working with girls and their teachers we run joint workshops that provide training on lessons that can be shared back with their peers and the wider school. Workshops so far have included remote training on the BBC micro:bits. Contact us to discuss a mentor workshop for your school.  

School or Club Talks

Our team are happy to visit schools or provide video talks about the opportunities available within technology, engineering and the creative sector within Cornwall. Talks can focus on one particular topic or all three. The focus will be on all the exciting things that happen within these sectors and the possible jobs available for kids in Cornwall. 

While all the role models we will be sharing are women, this is a talk suitable for all children. 

Classroom or Club


We are happy to run interactive workshops within a classroom setting covering topics including coding, engineering, design and technology, and creative digital. Our workshops can be for kids as young as reception up to year 6. Workshops usually include a short talk at the start to introduce the topic and then a hands-on activity.  Workshops do not need to be for only girls. Contact us about running classroom workshops for your school.  

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Case Study: Eco-Sensors Are Awesome

In 2023 we did an eco-sensors project across 5 schools in Cornwall. This is an overview of the project and what the kids created. 
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