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Girl with DIY Robot

Hi! Welcome to TECgirls a resource for girls, parents and educators to encourage young girls to join in with Technology, Engineering and Creative activities and clubs around Cornwall. 

TECgirls was set up by a group of women and men in Cornwall who want to change the status quo. Across the UK there is a lack of women in technology, engineering and the creative sectors. This filters down to a lack of participation at the college, secondary and even primary school levels.  Girls just don't seem to be joining in. Our founding group decided to try to tackle the issue as early as possible, looking at ways to help girls as young as 6 realise that TEC is  a girl thing.  


SM_0013 2 - Suzanne Manson.jpg

Suzanne Mason

Doer. Analyst. Maker. Mentor.

TECgirls Director and

Head of Delivery


Caitlin Gould

Curious. Digital. Creative. Feminist.

TECgirls Founder and Director

Jane_Orme_01-b (1).jpg

Jane Orme

Coder. Analyst. Writer. Artist.

TECgirls Co-Founder and

Non-Exec Director

If you have a moment, please help fill out our TECgirls Insights Survey. 

Our policies

TECgirls is run by TECwomen CIC and our employees adhere to all TECwomen CIC policies. However, we do a lot of work within the community and with schools. and have additional policies for these events.  We have a policy pack for external events, it includes our 

  • Health and Safety Policy

  • Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy  

  • Consent and Permissions Policy

  • Data Protection and Privacy Policy

  • Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Policy

  • Environmental Policy

When hosting events for schools we also send out:

  • Code of Conduct - Needs to be signed by students and guardian/s 

  • Media Consent forms - Needs to be signed by guardian/s

  • Additional Venue Policies

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