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TECgirls run our Green Futures Jam at the Eden Project!

Last week, the whole team attended the wonderful Eden Project to host the Green Futures Jam with Service Now. 100 Year 8 girls attended from schools across Cornwall in the ever-inspiring education hub to learn about app design and introduce them to the breadth of opportunities available in their future.

We started the day with 3 workshops, where the girls learnt the basics of user personae, coding a Micro:bit and product development. This gave the girls the foundational knowledge they needed to design an app that will make our world a better place. The enthusiasm that the girls brought was infectious and the ideas they came up with were pretty revolutionary. Some of the app ideas include:

- A crafting app that allows you to turn littered materials into beautiful artwork.

- A well being platform to support young people with anxiety about climate change.

- A wildlife conservation app that allows you to report animals in distress, monitor population levels and learn about how you can help the local wildlife.

There are some beaming futures ahead for the girls we met, and we hope the Green Futures Jam has inspired them to the opportunities that are out there in the Cornish tech sector.

Huge thank you to Service Now, Watson-Marlow and DEFRA for helping bring this event to life. 

The Eden Project shown in an illustration. Underneath is TECgirls Green Futures Jam as the title


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