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Introducing TECgirls Sandbox Magazine

The lockdown may be (temporarily) preventing us from holding our TECgirls LIVE event, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy.

For the past few months we’ve been working on a magazine to inspire girls across Cornwall to explore the world of TEC – and we’re delighted to announce the first issue is now ready!

Sandbox is the official magazine of TECgirls, celebrating all things tech, engineering and digital creativity for girls aged 6-12 in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Have a read below - click the centre icon for fullscreen - and please do share with anyone you think will enjoy it.

Thanks to all who helped make it happen

So many people have helped to bring this first issue of Sandbox Magazine to life. In particular, we’d like to thank:

Venn Creative – and Louise Hannaford in particular – for the design, layout and wonderful illustrations.

Una (our cover star!) and Emilia for sharing their awesome projects with us.

Tanuvi Ethunandan and Erin Morris of Data Duopoly, and Lucy Crane of Cornish Lithium, for being such fabulous and inspiring interviewees.

Lizzie Cresswell of Radix Communications for her editing support.

Sean McManus for kindly allowing us to use an activity from his book Cool Scratch Projects in Easy Steps.

Look out for the Summer issue in August

Sandbox Magazine will be issued quarterly, so look out for the Summer issue in August, when we’ll be exploring all things space-related!


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