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International Women's Day 2023

March is our favourite month of the year. Not only is it the time of amazing spring flowers and warmer, sunnier days. It is also the month when we have International Women's Day. The reason we love this day so much, is we get to hear about so many amazing women around the world who are doing awesome things at their companies. On the 8th of March some of the biggest companies in the tech, engineering, and creative digital spaces take the time to shout out about the wonderful women who work for them.

But we don't think it should just be one day. We think it should be international women's month. So we have decided that every day in March we are going to showcase one of the amazing women from our Spotlight on TECwomen series.

As we've been a bit busy and not posted in a while, we are also going to use this as a chance to add 10 new Spotlight on TECwomen posts to our blog. This will give us a chance to celebrate even more amazing women who are doing truly awesome things in technology, engineering and creative digital in Cornwall.

But why stop there. Working with Software Cornwall we are on a mission to find even more women and share their stories. So we will be working with them on a new platform to list all the amazing women in tech in Cornwall. More on this in future posts. In the mean time, tune in this month and get to know the TECwomen who work hard across some of the best companies in Cornwall.

And Happy International Women's Month!


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