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Half-term TEC to the rescue

With half-term mostly done, you might be getting a bit desperate for things to do with the kids. Here are a few fun TEC related activities that will help keep everyone busy and inspired.

National Maritime Museum:

Science of the Sea Shows

Monday 17th– Friday 21st Feb 11am, 12pm, 2pm, &3pm

“Magical fog, exploding water and curious chemistry – discover what happens when liquid nitrogen and dry ice meet solids, liquids and gases, and uncover the surprising facts around the humble water molecule. Science of the Sea is a live, expert-led science show with entertaining demonstrations and audience interaction.”

Mad Scientist Art Projects

“Become a mad scientist and make an unbelieva-bubble invention at our Make and Take workshops. Create a bubble shooter and decorate it with sea creatures ready to take home.”

Our take:

We find the live science demonstrations really help to bring things to life and make kids think about the world around them in a different way. This event looks interesting and it’s fantastic that they’ve created very girl friendly marketing.


These activities are free, but you do need to buy tickets to the Maritime Museum. Adult tickets cost £13.95 and kids tickets cost £6.50. Once you buy a ticket it is good for a year and there are more activities planned for Easter and Summer. If you book online, you get 10% off the ticket price.

Eden Project:

Colour Uncovered

Get ready for a kaleidoscopic week of creative activities exploring how art meets science in the incredible world of colour.

Our Take:

This looks like a great way to get creative girls to see how the worlds of science and engineering are still very creative. We have a lot of colour-based activities for TECgirls LIVE and think it’s a fantastic way to bridge the subjects.


You will have to pay for Eden membership. While normal Eden membership is expensive, you can still get a local’s pass until the 15th of March. These passes can be used until October 2020, so also good for Easter and summer activities. Adults are £23 and kids are £12. Under 5s are free. It’s slightly less if you pay by direct debit.

Tate St Ives:

Tate Create

“Let your creativity run wild as we challenge you to make your own toys from the bits and pieces you’ll find in our Naum Gabo inspired Studio workshop. Take them away or stay and play!”

Digital Making: Mini Monuments

“Be inspired by the things that matter to you. Try out different ways to design your own mini monument in our maker lab. Play with materials, recycling, 3D modelling and CAD (Computer-Aided Design) in a maker lab.”

Our Take:

Making their own toys is a fantastic way to inspire future product designers and engineers. It’s a brilliant way to encourage a different type of creativity.

Cost: Only £5 for Cornish residents. Just be sure to bring some evidence of your address.

Wherever you like:

Citizen Scientists Time

We’re so lucky in Cornwall to have amazing places all around us that are completely free. You can challenge your kids to be citizen scientist at the beach or in the woods spotting and classifying animals or shells, contributing to data collection and research that could help us all. There are several ways to get involved. The best part – it won’t cost a thing. Though you may need to let your kids use your phone. I’m sure they won’t mind! https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/4BZZdHm64S051q2lnZ1Nr7p/citizen-science

Our Take:

It's never too early to encourage girls to be a part of the world around them and to contribute to large national and global movement. Get involved and have fun. This is something that could last far beyond this half term and is a great way to combine the TEC world with the great outdoors.



If you have any other suggestions please let us know on Twitter or Facebook. We love to share.


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